Accent Biomedical is a provider of Innovation Services and consultancy to the Biomaterials and Medical Device industry.  Accent Biomedical has its own proprietary technology developments currently at the pre commercial stage.

Andy Carter has 25+ years of experience in the medical device industry working in Europe and the USA both in start up and large company environments.  Accent Biomedical is based in Stow, Massachusetts with clients in New England, across the USA and Europe.

Recently completed and ongoing projects include:

  • Cell based and molecular therapies for enhanced bone growth and fusion
  • Development of carriers for cell therapy products
  • Sustained drug delivery implants (multiple indications)
  • Cartilage repair implant (technology licensed from Accent Biomedical)
  • Development of surgical techniques, instruments and implants for rotator cuff repair
  • Due diligence for cell therapy cartilage repair product acquisition
  • Novel surgical treatment for osteoarthritis
  • Development of novel resorbable biomaterials for orthopedic applications

No project is too big or too small.  Accent Biomedical has an extensive network of partners for technology delivery.  We make things happen.