Product Development

  • With extensive experience in the development of medical devices we can facilitate all aspects of translating research concepts into commercializable devices.
  • Accent has an extensive network of experts to assist in prototype manufacture, preclinical animal studies, and testing.

Technology Assessment

  • Evaluation and due diligence of acquisitions or in house programs. Assessment of advantages of the technology and competitive technologies. Preparation of Project Proposals.

Project Management

  • Management of special projects or initiatives.

Portfolio & Project Management Systems

  • Implementation of portfolio management tools and processes to allow management of multiple technologies.
  • Design and implementation of stage gate project management systems.

Inventor Partnerships

  • We work with the inventor to rapidly assess the value of their idea and what is needed to realize the full potential.
  • Idea Assessment – has feasibility of the idea been demonstrated? Prototype manufacture and testing.
  • Is the idea novel? – assess patentability and the competitive landscape. File patents as necessary.